Factor Ostro VAM – Ciarán O’Grady’s Custom Build

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Israel Start-Up Nation’s coach, Ciarán O’Grady, fell in love with the Factor Ostro’s the team were using, so he bought one from Eat Sleep Cycle! He’s customised this stunning bike to fit his personal specifications, see what he has to say about his custom build.

Why did you choose the Factor Ostro VAM?

I chose the Factor OSTRO because I wanted a bike that was aerodynamically optimised whilst still remaining light weight. I also wanted something that was super stiff, and designed with racing and aggressive riding in mind. The added bonus of the Ceramic Speed additions to the bike made it very appealing!
As I work for the professional cycling team Israel Start-Up Nation, I have seen these bikes being raced throughout the year with the riders giving so much good feedback from how the OSTRO performs. I have also heard from the team mechanics how well built they are and how they stand up to the rigours of professional racing. Knowing this, I was confident that the Factor OSTRO would be exactly what I was looking for.


How has the Factor Ostro changed your riding style?

The Factor OSTRO has allowed me to ride in the natural way that I’d want to be riding my bike. The bike becomes an extension of who I am, responding really well to my requests!


Anything else you want to add about your Factor Ostro?

I really love the integrated front end of the Factor OSTRO, it just looks super sleek. The wide-set forks are very stiff and have great aerodynamic properties (I have actually tested it in the wind tunnel!). With the Black Inc 60’s set up, it just flies wherever you take it!


How did you end up in Girona?

I travelled to Girona late last year with my fiancée, “Rocket”, after I started working for the professional cycling team Israel Start-Up Nation, who have a base here in Girona. I’ve been coaching riders who have been based in Girona for several years so I knew a lot about the city and how great the training is around Catalunya!


What is your favourite road cycling ride from Girona?

I have two favourite rides here in Girona at the moment. The first is a loop I call the “Maple Leaf”, as it looks… kinda like a maple leaf. It’s 61km and has three climbing sections, nothing crazy but just three good pushes. It heads west from Girona up around Canet d’Adri, then over Les Serres, and back to Girona over Mas Llunes. The second ride is a longer 108km ride with one short climb and one longer climb. It also heads west from Girona out through Sant Gregori, up and over Les Serres towards Angels, then heading up the long climb to Sant Hilari Sacalm. From there, you take a long and twisty descent down Santa Coloma de Farners, and back to Girona through Aiguaviva.

Ciarán’s Custom Factor Ostro VAM Build:

Frame: 49cm Factor Ostro VAM Flicker

Handlebars: Black Inc integrated handlebar and stem, 38cm by 120mm

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra Di2

Cranks & Power Meter: Quarq

Wheelset: Black Inc Team Edition 60mm

Tyres: Maxis Highroad 25mm

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