Riding Gravel in Girona: An Interview with Peter Gaskill

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Gravel Bike Girona

Want to add some new adventure to your road riding? Perhaps you should get out on some gravel! But, you say, I love the quiet paved roads around Girona — why do I need to venture onto gravel? We asked Eat Sleep Cycle guide and gravel-Godfather of Girona Peter Gaskill for the low down on gravel cycling in Girona. 

Why ride gravel?

Well, gravel rides are on even quieter routes, and you’ll see that stuff in between those paved roads that you never knew existed. You’ll experience amazing views and abandoned farmhouses, you’ll follow small streams, and you’ll just go deeper into the Catalunya that you already love.

What skill level do I need to enjoy riding gravel?

For gravel riding you only need a moderate level of bike handling skills — it’s nowhere near as tricky as mountain biking. The skills are easy to pick up, and the new gravel bikes, with their wide low-pressure tires and disc brakes, make the transition easy and comfortable.

Can I mix road & trail?

A good gravel bike is equally at home on asphalt as it is on gravel, so you can connect your gravel adventure with the paved roads you may already know. And if you thought the number and variety of paved roads in the area are good, you’ll be amazed that there are even more gravel routes. You can choose from flat and easy unpaved roads all the way to high and narrow tracks. Your knowledge of the area will quickly expand as you discover new connections between valleys and the roads you regularly ride. Compared to mountain biking, you’ll find a gravel bike will take you farther into the countryside and cover a greater variety of terrain, owing to the bike’s comfort both on and off asphalt.

How can I find great gravel routes?

Ride with friends who already know the back roads or go out exploring with a good map and a spirit of adventure. Either way, you will be rewarded with that out-there feeling of being a little on the wild side. And the après-ride beer will be that much more satisfying!

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