Quiz – What Type of Cyclist Are You?

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Take our fun quiz and see what type of cyclist you are! You’ll need an old-school pen & pencil. Take a note of the answer which best describes you and see your results at the end!

1. At a coffee stop you choose:

a) Espresso
b) Beetroot Juice
c) I never stop
d) Nothing – I stick to my ride nutrition & energy drink
e) Tea & a local sweet treat
f) Double espresso

2. You’re approaching a town sign, what do you do? 

a) Rehearse lead out drills with my cycling club – we do this every week
b) Do a stealth-shift with my sprint shifter & surprise the group for the win
c) Give it everything and let the lactate build. WOO!!! 
d) Nothing – I’m doing a 4DP test
e) Nothing, what was I supposed to do?
f) Nothing, I don’t want to break my cleat

3. You’re in the market for a new bike, what are you looking for?

a) A classic from the Mercx era
b) The latest from my favourite brand
c) A fat bike – I need to keep training outside in 6ft of snow
d) I have a spreadsheet to compare performance & fit data of every bike on the market
e) I don’t need a new bike, mine is only 10 years old
f) Custom steel, custom paint

4. You’re planning a trip, what’s the most important thing? 

a) Reliving the most iconic stage of the 1904 Tour de France
b) Great packaging to keep my bike safe on the plane
c) Fitting in the most miles possible
d) Rides that fit in with my training plan
e) Seeing a new place with gorgeous routes
f) High ratio of insta opportunities: kms pedalled

5. You need a new set of kit, what’s your top pick? 

a) Merino threads from Cima Coppi
b) Pro-team aero kit by Rapha
c) Assos – pure comfort for long miles
d) Sufferfest team kit (plus indoor training shirt)
e) Cycling kit??
f) I’ve put a request in with my sponsors

The Results: What Type of Cyclist Are You?

Mostly A’s: The Purist

Rim brakes are in. Tradition is key. Merino wool is your best friend. Soon to be seen in L’Eroica with your vintage steel pride & joy trundling up hill & down dale. You pass on cycling etiquette of old to new riders with pleasure. You don’t know what Training Peaks is but you’re just getting the hang of Strava.

Your bike collection includes a 1979 Colnago & you’ve begrudgingly swapped your Molteni cycling cap for a helmet.

Mostly B’s: The Tech-Geek

Your bike is in a constant state of flux & upgrades. Di2, ceramic bearings & hydraulic discs are a thing of the past. As soon as one upgrade is complete you’re seeking the next. You have an extensive collection of cycling gear, carefully selected to cover all ride conditions. 

Your bike collection includes a belt-drive commuter bike, a titanium gravel bike and the lightest road bike in the world. A prototype Graphene frame adorns the wall of your high-tech man-cave.

Mostly C’s: The Masochist

You never miss a training session and you don’t own a turbo trainer (and you don’t live in Girona!) Your 2020 ride plan includes stupidly tough events such as the Paris-Brest-Paris, La Purito & the Raid Pyrenees (in 50 hours instead of 100 of course). Often (but not always) a close friend of the Data-Junkie, you love to see your fatigue line climb! 

Mostly D’s: The Data-Junkie

Training peaks, power curves, watts per kilo, threshold, VO2 max, FTP, 4DP (yes, that’s a thing), VAM, you love this stuff and know your numbers inside out. You work with a coach to hone your numbers & prefer to train on a turbo for the most accurate results. Your new year’s resolution is to ride outside & learn some bike skills.

Your bike is a masterpiece in efficiency & you have an identical bike on the turbo (with matching power-meters of course!)

Mostly E’s: The Route Nerd

You don’t mind what you’re riding or what you’re wearing, so long as you’re riding a bike. You decide where to ride based on the best cafe stop or most spectacular view. You’re happy solo or with cycling buddies. You love paper maps, Komoot & Google street view for seeking out the best rides.

You never quite achieve glory in the cycling style-stakes but always have a huge smile on your face when pedalling. 

Mostly F’s: The Fashionista 

You own a carefully curated wardrobe of cycling gear, all selected to complement your collection of stylish bikes. Your bike collection includes a custom steel gravel bike (with custom paintwork), & a stealthy black carbon road bike. You have a selection of shoes, helmets & glasses to ride with each outfit and you use coat hangers to store your cycling gear in a dedicated kit-wardrobe. You always enjoy a pre-ride espresso & a post-ride half-pint of craft beer at the latest place to be seen in town. You ride once a year in poor conditions to justify buying that seriously nice technical jacket, but otherwise prefer riding in perfect #lightbro conditions.


Here at Eat Sleep Cycle we’re passing the quiz around and it turns out we’re a nice wholesome mix of route nerds & masochists…

Lee – Mostly C’s, Louise – Mostly E’s, Mark – Mostly E’s

Let us know your quiz results!

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