A Different Tactic: How the Girona-Based Brand are Doing things Differently

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Some might say that the custom cycling clothing market is saturated, in the Girona area alone there are a number of manufacturers, so how can a brand make themselves stand out from the crowd? Tactic, a Girona-based sportswear brand, have been in the industry for many years with the bulk of their output based in custom design. However, they have recently made some developments to give them an edge over their competitors.


On the Pulse

Behind many of these changes is a young marketing team with their fingers on the pulse both locally and internationally, who between them possess a combination of visual and strategic skills that have helped to grow the brand exponentially over the last few years. One such change is the introduction of a core collection to run alongside the usual custom production which has garnered more attention for the brand as more and more riders kit up in their stylish designs. Their marketing efforts have culminated in innovative photoshoots to promote the collection with compelling concepts behind them; their latest ‘Trailblazers’ campaign (pictured above) has a ‘American Western’ theme but was in fact shot in Monegros near Zaragoza.  



Social Space

Clothing aside, Tactic have recently transformed their factory space on the outskirts of Girona into an open, spacious area with glass partitions between the offices and the factory floor and added a social area complete with sofas and a TV. Here, they have already hosted events such as the launch of the Rocacorba Gran Fondo and next month will officially open their space with an open weekend followed by a launch party and accompanying ride. Part of this new phase will include guided tours of the factory, which anyone will be able to arrange, in which guests will be taken through the entire production process from customer services to the finished product and everything in between. I took one of our Eat Sleep Cycle Bromptons out to Salt to get a sneak peak of what the factory tour is about.

Factory Tour

When I arrived in the morning the place was already buzzing with life and energy with production in full swing (they can manufacture 700 jerseys a day at maximum capacity). I was met by Francesc and Sergei, the aforementioned marketing team, and offered a coffee from The Broom Wagon, which is now stationed there, before we got on our way. We moved through the factory processes from customer services to the final quality checks and everything in between. It might not seem like a tour of a sports clothing factory would be the most thrilling day out but it was truly interesting to see the process that goes into making the kit and how each part of the production knits together. For example, I was impressed to discover that each garment (up to 300 a day) undergoes a manual quality check before leaving the factory and that the temperature to transfer the design from the paper to the material is 250°.

Visit Tactic

At a mere 5km from Girona centre Tactic HQ is well worth a visit if you’ve ever wondered what goes into the kit manufacturing process and want to see how some quality, locally produced sports kit is made. So grab a Brompton, or any bike, and head over to their new space for a coffee and to see what it’s all about.

Tactic’s new ‘Trailblazers’ collection is now available to buy from the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub and the Tactic website. If you are interested in a tour of Tactic’s space email [email protected] to arrange!

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