Cycling in Girona in Autumn 2021: Everything You Need To Know

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If you are planning a cycling trip to Girona this Autumn and worried if it will go ahead or not this blog is just what you need! Eat Sleep Cycle founder Lee shares his thoughts & advice for travelling to Catalunya this year as a cycling business owner in Girona.

Recently I have personally had many phone calls with concerned cyclists from all over the world planning a trip to Girona and wanted to write my answer down, who knows, maybe it helps some more cyclists out there!

Of course there are rules on entry and exit from your relative countries and from Spain, you will have to check those out yourself. But once you are in Girona you will be surprised just how normal things are and wonder why you left it so long!


The simple answer is that eating, sleeping and cycling in Girona is now largely unaffected by COVID and has been for some time. There are no restrictions on where you can ride your bike and who with. All the cafes, restaurants and bars are open (in some areas closing at 1:30 am – if that affects you this blog is not for you!) and the hotels are in full swing inviting guests from all over the world. There is not a single aspect of your cycling trip that will be affected.


Masks are still worn indoors but not outdoors. Some people still wear them outdoors but most don’t. Most people have had the double vaccine and this Summer really has felt normal with friends getting together, summer terraces full of happy people and enjoying their holidays.


In fact we have seen a big surge in cyclists in Girona looking for group rides and cycling buddies to grab some food and drinks with. So if you are traveling solo Autumn is a perfect time to come.

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