Why Electric Bikes are a Game Changer for Cycling Vacations

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Why Electric Bikes are a Game Changer for Cycling Vacations - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Electric bikes are changing the cycling tourism industry whether you just need that bit of assistance on an epic climb to keep up or prefer to be powered along bike paths on a leisure cycling holiday, more and more people are embracing electric bikes, and anything that encourages more people to get on their bikes can only be a positive thing!

An Electric Bike Does Not Equal Zero Effort

Some may argue that a huge part of riding bikes is the challenge of getting to the top of a climb on your own steam and that electric bikes minimise this experience. This may be partly true, however, an electric bike does not equal zero effort. Many electric bikes are designed to assist rather than to take pressure off the pedals entirely. Thus, guests who are still looking to challenge themselves but may not have previously been able to join their friends or their club for that epic point-to-point cycling vacation can call on the motor when they need it but still ride off their own power for the remainder of the time.

Electric Bike Rental in Girona - Rocacorba Climb - Eat Sleep Cycle

Electric Bikes in Girona – A Change of Experience

The riding here in Girona can sometimes be more challenging than people are used to, the views at the top of the famous Rocacorba climb for example are a must-see but the 10%+ gradients can be inhibiting. Hiring an electric bike in Girona can change the way you experience your cycling holiday – being able to ride out further without worrying about not being able to get back, or getting to the top of one of the classic climbs of the area that would have otherwise been too challenging and then enjoying the thrill of the descent.

Cycling Holidays For All?

Electric bikes can also open up cycling holidays to those who are not ordinarily big on riding bikes. You don’t need to train multiple hours per week to take an electric hybrid bike along a bike path such as the Via Verde Pirinexus route but can still benefit from the gorgeous scenery and the freedom of the ride. Similarly, for those who want to embark on a bikepacking holiday but find the prospect of carrying heavy bags around daunting an electric bike is a great option.

The beauty of electric bikes is that they create more accessibility for those who may otherwise be excluded from a particular route or terrain – or from riding at all and the joy of riding bikes is something that everyone should be able to experience, whether that’s flying up a Pyrenean Col or cruising along a coastal road.

Cycling Holidays for All - Electric Bikes in Girona

Electric Bikes That Are Changing Cycling Vacations

So, now that we’ve discussed some of the why behind why electric bikes are changing cycling vacations let’s take a look at two very different electric bike options by Orbea, a Basque company leading the way in developing the technology & aesthetic appeal of electric bikes.

Electric Road Bike Orbea M20 Gain - Electric Bike Hire Girona

Electric Road Bike: Orbea M20 Gain

A masterpiece in disguise the Orbea M20 Gain looks on first glance like a normal road bike. An Orbea Gain carbon frame with a monocoque structure houses a Shimano Ultegra 11 speed groupset, hydraulic disc brakes & an integrated battery. The battery is activated by a simple touch of a small button located on the top tube, visible only at close range. It’s relatively light for an electric bike and crucially has no bulky components associated with everyday electric machines. The ride experience is not compromised and the bike is designed to enhance the ride, not dominate it.

  • Great For: Making a big day out on a bike accessible to all. When you’ve signed up for a cycling challenge and not had time to train. Bringing friends, family, partners & different age groups together for a stress-free day out which is enjoyable for all.

Electric Hybrid Bike Orbea Keram Comfort - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Electric Hybrid Bike: Orbea Keram Comfort

Whilst maybe not topping the style charts, the name of the Orbea Keram Comfort says it all. This the bike of choice for those looking for an active day out on a bike in comfort. The bike offers an upright position giving great visibility and easy, stable handling. The bike is intuitive to use and has a decent battery range, as well as a rack for carrying the picnic, beach towels, extra layers, or even a spare battery if you’re planning a long day. Be warned – the bike is heavy and not easy to carry up and down stairs or even push on rough sections of a bike path. Choose routes with smooth surfaces & make sure your planned route is in range of the battery. It’s tough to pedal if you run out of juice!

  • Great For: Riding on or off road, enjoying relaxed days out on the bike & transporting picnics.

An Electric Bike For Your Next Cycle Tour?

Inspired to ride an electric bike? You can hire an electric bike in Girona from our Hub or reserve one for your next cycling vacation with us. If you’ve any questions about which electric bike will suit you best – or any questions on how we can configure it – then give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online for more info!

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