Eat Sleep Cycle Year in Reviews

Eat Sleep Cycle - 2018 Year of Reviews

It’s the time of year when everyone starts to reflect on the year gone by and share accounts of their ‘year in review’ well, here at Eat Sleep Cycle we are creating our ‘year in reviews‘. We pride ourselves on our near-100% five-star review record from both our cycling tours and from our Girona Hub. Here […]

It’s the time of year when everyone starts to reflect on the year gone by and share accounts of their ‘year in review’ well, here at Eat Sleep Cycle we are creating our ‘year in reviews‘. We pride ourselves on our near-100% five-star review record from both our cycling tours and from our Girona Hub. Here are some of our favourite reviews from 2018 and the stories behind them.

London Dynamo Cycle Tour to Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

London Dynamo in Girona

In June we were privileged to host the biggest cycling club in London on their annual trip abroad. A group of 45 riders from London Dynamo came out to Girona for a week of riding culminating in the Girona Gran Fondo event. Club member Jed had this to say:

“Eat Sleep Cycle are so good at what they do… Hands-down best cycle tour operator in Europe. They handled our group of 45 with ease. Everyone including the mechanics at the hub, the guides that took us on fantastic group rides and the guys that run the show, are simply excellent. And an extra special thank you to Lee, Silvia and Brian for making our trip so memorable.”

Thanks to Jed for the glowing review and we are looking forward to hosting London Dynamo once again in 2019!

Summiting The Mighty Zoncolan in June

June also saw the first summiting of the mighty Zoncolan in Eat Sleep Cycle history. Padraic, who was on the tour had this to say:

“I completed the Trans Dolomites tour with Eat Sleep Cycle. The tour was excellent, very well organized and the team were incredibly dedicated and passionate. The routes, food, accommodation was fantastic. The routes encompassed some of the most epics climbs in Europe and scenery was breathtaking. In particular the guides were fantastic and were always there for all needs. Thank you Eat Sleep Cycle for one of the most exhilarating weeks of my life. Highly recommended!”

Thanks to Padraic for the kind words.

July Means Tour de France For Cyclists

In the cycling world July means one thing: the Tour de France! We took a group of guests to spectate the race and ride some of the Tour de France route in the Pyrenees. Dawn was one of the guests on the trip and took the time to write this fantastic, and very comprehensive review! Thank you, Dawn.

“The first time I encountered Eat Sleep Cycle it was for a week long bike hire in Girona. I was so impressed by the bike, the company, and their staff that a year later when I was looking for a bike tour around the Tour de France I immediately thought of them. First of all let me speak of the staff. The entire week long trip was excellently supported on all levels. Nothing was too much to ask and Brian, Boris, and Caitlin did it all with a cheery disposition and a smile. Not only did they do an excellent job guiding and feeding us, it felt like they were mates along for the trip too.

Each day was planned perfectly with different route options available most days for the length of ride each person wanted to do. There was a guide with each group and they would let each person ride their own pace up climbs and regroup at the top. Most often the van would be there too with food and water so we could recover after these long climbs (some climbs took over an hour and even as an experienced cyclist that van with snacks and Coke was a godsend).

After a big ride, every cyclist is looking forward to a big meal and Eat Sleep Cycle did a great job with that as well. We also had time to ourselves to go into town for extra snacks (and beer!) during down time.

Lastly, let me speak of the bike. I rented the Ridley Ultegra disc bike which was perfect for both the long climbs and descents. As a shorter rider I appreciate that they carry a large selection of small bikes (others in town do not). I emailed my fit specs to the shop and it was set up perfectly for me. Boris also did a great job of keeping the bike in tip top shape over the length of the tour.

All in all I can’t recommend Eat Sleep Cycle enough. Whether you are looking for bike hire in Girona or a European Cycling Tour, you can’t go wrong.”

The Full Monty in September!

In September we hosted the Full Monty Cycling Club all the way from Chicago. Having joined us for a Trans-Pyrenees cycle tour in 2017 the guys returned to Eat Sleep Cycle, this time in greater numbers, to tackle the Italian Dolomites and Alps, Danny from the club described his experience:

“17 friends hired ESC to organize and guide us on a cycling trip in the Dolomites. For 6 of us it was or second trip with ESC, having worked with them last year on a Trans-Pyrenees route. This was a large group, and the team at ESC did a terrific job of selecting the best routes and really surprised us with the quality of the hotels. We had terrific dinners and lots of wine and laughs. Lee and his team work really hard to make sure everyone is safe and is having a good time. If you can get them to bring along Berta-make sure to do so! She’s awesome.  Guided by Lee, Amy, Christian and Johnny we had a great trip and hope to work with ESC again.”

Huge thanks to Danny for writing such kind words about the tour & the team.

Stunning Pyrenees Climbs

September also took us back to the Pyrenees, this time on a Trans Pyrenees tour – taking guests from Girona to San Sebastian via some of the most stunning roads and climbs in the Pyrenees. Guest Chris had this to say:

“When I booked my Trans Pyrenees trip with Eat Sleep Cycle, they were only a year old, and pretty slick. When I arrived in Girona they were two years old, and ten times bigger and better. I used them to arrange my pre and post trip accommodation, transfers, everything. All I did was bring my bike. Everything Brian and the team did was made to seem easy. The guides and support team are not only great at their jobs on tour and super strong riders, but also really accomplished people in other fields, making conversations so interesting. I can’t wait to get back. Thanks.”

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to write such a complimentary review!

Girls Cycle Tour of Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle Tours

West Cork Girls In Girona

In October we were joined in Girona by a group of women from West Cork, Ireland who came to see what the Catalan city has to offer! One of the group, Caroline wrote this:

West Cork Girls – An Amazing Trip: 7 girls from our cycling club just completed 3 days training with ESC, what an amazing experience, the attention to detail with these guys is unbelievable, everything from airport transfers, fabulous bikes, excellent accommodation, great routes, excellent guides who know the place inside out, it really was super. Any distance or climbing we wanted to do the guides helped us out. We are looking forward to booking again as ESC really know how to get everything right.”

We are delighted that Caroline enjoyed her time in Girona and we would like to say thank you for taking the time to leave this review!

Thank You For Your Reviews!

A huge thank you to each and every person who took the time to leave us a review this year, we appreciate the time taken by all to write about your Eat Sleep Cycle experiences! If you’d like to check out more reviews you can see them here. If you’d like to find out more about one of our European cycle tours then give us a call on +34 972 649 131 or contact us online for more info!

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