2022 In Review: The Real Comeback Year

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This time last year we still didn’t know what kind of year was in store for 2022. We didn’t guess how quickly the world would forget about Covid and everyone would get back to living life at its fullest.

For Eat Sleep Cycle 2022 has meant the complete return of cycling tourism and of course the inevitable stabilising of bike buying after the 2021 boom.

But once again we have proven that by having a diverse cycling business we are agile to changes in market conditions and able to adapt & thrive.

In 2022 we doubled out turnover, opened a new bike hire centre, a new HQ, a new clothing store in Girona, opened a new cycling Hub in Malaga & celebrated turning 6 years old.

So how on earth did we do it?!

There’s a lot to get through so I’ll divide it up!

Bike Hire – a new home in Girona

We were ready for bikers to flock back to Girona.

In 2021 we invested in a new cafe restaurant in Girona, so in 2022 when we also opened a dedicated bike hire center a lot of people thought we were crazy.

But when Spring hit and the cycling tourists flocked in their hundreds we were one of the only bike hire points in Girona & were able to make the most of both the spring & autumn season.

I want to thank our amazing bike hire team for smashing a really busy season.

In 2023 we will be adding new brands like Cannondale to our bike rental fleet and improving the customer experience.

Cycling Tours – the adventure re-starts!

Many people who dusted off their bike during COVID wanted an adventure

2022 was our biggest ever year for cycling tours & we saw our share of the high demand for travel as Covid restrictions finally lifted. Since we are based in Europe we quickly got back to business helping cyclists have amazing experiences in new places.

We welcomed our first guests to Slovenia & Morocco & we’re finally able to welcome guests who booked with us back in 2019.

2023 is all about developing new cycling tours & focusing on quality delivery.

Morocco Atlas Mountains Tour

Morocco Atlas Mountains Tour

Retail: the journey continues!

We really believe in bricks & mortar retail, giving customers the chance to touch and test product in real time.

In autumn 2022 we opened a brand new apparel store in Girona and another point of sale in Málaga (more about that below).

The Girona apparel store has set a new benchmark in representing our clothing brands.

In 2023 we will work hard on adding value in physical retail, extra services like dynamic bike fit, shoe testing, the improvements are endless, let’s see how far we can push it.

We will also continue to grow our online shop.

Acknowledgement of a ‘Cycling Hub’

Most cyclists know what a cycling cafe or Rapha clubhouse is. I remember clearly 6 years ago on a social ride brainstorming what we could call our new concept.

In 2022 I’ve heard guests, suppliers, potential investors and many others speak about our Girona Cycling Hub.

We mix retail, product testing, bike hire, coffee and cycling tours. It’s unique!

6th aniversary social ride

Eat Sleep Cycle 6th Aniversary Social Ride

Eat Sleep Cycle HQ: a dream becomes reality

I’d always dreamt of a big office with lots of natural light and nice working conditions for our office staff with a big warehouse below full of beautiful bikes and gear.

In Summer 2022 we moved in! Our new HQ in Fornells de la Selva has views of Rocacorba & Els Àngels – daily inspiration for our team of cycling lovers!

The Málaga Cycling Hub – Eat Sleep Cycle goes South

We’ve had our eyes on Andalucía for 6 years and in November we opened a new Cycling Hub in Málaga.

Málaga is a vibrant city on the Costa del Sol, blessed with fantastic riding & a great climate all year around. The weather on the South coast of Spain varies from 10-20 Degrees all winter long!

In our Málaga Cycling Hub our goal is to bring the magic of Girona to the south & build a cycling community down south, as well as counteracting the down season we’ve suffered for years in Girona.

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out if there will be another cycling hub in 2023!

Thank you to everyone!

I’d like to thank all of our guests, customers, our suppliers, partner brands and of course our hard working staff for a MEGA year, the biggest and best yet in our history.

I have a strong feeling that there’s a lot more to come in 2023!

Keep pedalling!

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