Best Summer Cycling Jersey’s for Cycling in Girona

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Yes. We know it’s hot.  Stinking hot here in Spain. We set our alarms a little earlier, slip out on the bike before the mercury has risen, but still, we need the right equipment to get us through longer days.  Jersey choice is so important to keeping you temperature regulated in the summer weather, and luckily the technology these days is phenomenal. The brands have put a lot of time and effort into R and D , from pro testing, to fabric development, and we’ve gotten to try a lot of them first hand.

There’s a lot of different facets that make a jersey ideal for summer riding.  With so many choices on the market we’ve broken down some of the key elements for you to help guide you on your selection process.

Summer Cycling Jerseys: Features

Mesh Paneling: Although almost all jerseys will have solid front fabrics, look out for mesh paneling on the back, side and sometimes even sleeves.  The side is a popular option as too much mesh on the back can lead to sun exposure during long hours. If it isn’t mesh, a perforated fabric with essentially tiny holes in it is sometimes used to aid breathability without sacrificing opacity.  A lot of these new fabrics, both mesh and opaque, include a moisture wicking quality to keep the air flowing in and out and pull the sweat away from you.

Low Profile Neckline: A traditional, classic cycling jersey has a zipper top that pulls right up onto the neck, and a collar that sits just below the Adam’s apple.  Now we are starting to see more summer jerseys with a lower collarless style, the top grazing the apex of the sternum. Although the higher neckline can provide more sun protection and absorbs sweat, the lower “aero jersey” style finish removes extra fabric for simply less coverage.

UPF Fabric: It’s no replacement for sunblock (every day!) but UPF treated fabric offers an extra layer of sun exposure protection, built in at manufacturing level.  If you live in a place with strong sun, this fabric is a great option to keep you from sunburning through your kit.

Grippers: Or lack thereof sometimes… Often silicone or rubber gripper “tape” is used in jerseys around the waistband and arms to keep everything in place whilst riding. The waist never seems to cause issues, as it normally sits against the shorts, but on the hottest days sometimes a rubber grip can be uncomfortable.  Look for microdot grips or seamless raw sleeves that don’t use a band.  Sometimes the sleeves run snugger when raw edged as something to note.

Pockets: Pockets are ideal. The classic cycling jersey has 3 back pockets, and often some have an extra zip stash for valuables.  Just note the material and density of the pockets, as they can trap heat, so if you think you don’t use them, opt for a jersey with a low profile set up with its storage. 

Zipper: Sometimes you just have to open it up. Look for full zip jerseys, if you need to air it all out on those hot days.  Some jerseys have just half length zips, some these days have none at all, but for the safest bet for summer, always look for a full length opening option. 

Eat Sleep Cycle Summer Pink Jersey

Best Summer Cycling Jersey’s for Cycling in Girona

Maap Evade Pro Base Jersey (Men’s and Women’s.)

With lots of colour options and super breathable panels and sleeves, it’s no surprise the Australian company has mastered a deep summer jersey. Break free in the MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey. Honeycomb mesh sleeves paired with ultra-soft knitted Italian fabrics increase airflow and comfort during your rides. Reflective graphics allow 360 degree visibility no matter the conditions, and SPF50+ sun protection provides an extra layer of coverage for those long days in the saddle. 

PedALED Mirai Jersey (Men’s and Women’s)

The PedALED Mirai Jersey is built from square one for intense training on hot days. A lightweight summer cycling jersey crafted  with mesh side panels to help riders stay cool in the heat of the season, and made from a performance polyester/elastane blend, this fabric is ideal for high-intensity activities in warm weather conditions. 

Tactic HQ Jersey

With a Raglan style sleeve, elastic finished with a short end and border trim, along with the unique Sigmagrip system the jersey uses I 3 types of fabric: Bacteriostatic (carbon fibers), lycra with a high level of elasticity and breathability mesh. The jersey has a full zipper and unique adjustable waistband.  Lastly it’s finished with “Overlock” invisible seams, and incorporates reflective strips on the lower part of the pockets.

Eat Sleep Cycle Summer Pink Jersey

Hand crafted Eat Sleep Cycle custom pink jersey made with tones of love in Olot (Girona). Every detail of this jersey has been meticulously refined to suit every cyclist, a special stretchy fabric ensures a comfortable fit. Size up or down for a race or relaxed style.

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