Dirt Jumping in Girona

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Our very own Joan and Daan head out after work to go dirt jumping in Banyoles. I caught up with Joan to find out what it is about dirt jumping that he loves so much, and check out these awesome shots of the guys in action! Photos by Daan van Meeuwen.


How long have you been dirt jumping?

I’ve been dirt jumping for a long while, ever since I was around 13.


What is it about dirt jumping that drew you to the sport?

For me it’s easy to push myself while dirt jumping. I’m always trying to be better and better. Every time I jump I’m aiming to push myself to go bigger and do more and more tricks, until one day I am doing the things I’ve been dreaming about doing for years, like backflips, supermans, tail whips and more!


Do you have a favourite place to go dirt jumping?

Yes, I built some jumps with my friends in the middle of the forest. Going there and spending hours jumping with friends in our little dreamland is my favourite place.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about dirt jumping?

If you’re curious to try jumping for the first time, just do it, the best thing is to start. I can’t think of a better feeling than jumping, being in the air, just you and your bike.


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