In Photos: A Busy Weekend at Eat Sleep Cycle!

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Eat Sleep Cycle Chapter3 Launch

What a weekend!! Girona was buzzing with the launch of Chpt3 in the Eat Sleep Cycle Hub on Friday night, followed by the celebration of Eat Sleep Cycle’s anniversary with beautiful rides and a delicious cake on Saturday. Here’s our pick of our favourite photos from the event.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who’s supported us over the last couple of years – it’s been one hell of a ride!

CHPT3 Launch, 9th November 2019

The fun began on Friday with the launch of CHPT3 in our Girona store; an innovative brand created in Girona by ex-professional cyclist David Millar. With a new collection inspired by the city itself we’re proud to work with Chpt3  and join together in showcasing the best of Girona’s culture and cycling.

Our very own Brian Canty & David Millar welcomed our guests, plied them with cava & beers and together we toasted to the partnership.

Thanks to photographer Phil Dawson for capturing the event:

Anniversary Ride, 10th November 2019

Saturday marked the celebration of our two year anniversary and we celebrated in the only way we know how: a big old bike ride!

One headed to our traditional destination of Mare de Deu del Mont on a gorgeous route totalling 120 km and 2,000 m. For those cyclists needing a little respite a gorgeous route 80 km to Esponella & La Mota was on offer, ably guided by the Godfather of Girona, Peter Gaskill.

The rides were finished off with cake (exquisitely baked by Silvia) and cava glugged from Eat Sleep Cycle bidons back at the Hub.

A huge thank you to those who came out to support the ride, to our volunteer guides, cake baker & to all sending their words of support on social media. May the terrible two’s commence!

Photos by: Phil Dawson & Marco Heemskerk

Thanks for reading, see you out on the road!

P.S. Join our Eat Sleep Cycle Club to get exclusive access to Club Member rides and rewards such as discounts on brands such as Assos and MAAP in The Hub!


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