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Merche grew up in different villages along the Costa Brava. Now she’s a psycologist & lives with her partner Nestor in Girona’s Barri Vell. She currently works as a child and youth psychologist in a health center & is a professor at the University of Girona and the Open University of Catalonia.

Basso Venta

Basso Bikes is an Italian, family run bike manufacturer that was founded in 1977 by Alcide Basso. The factory is nestled at the foot of Monte Grappa, an iconic cycling climb with more that 10 different ways up. Further north lie the Italian Alps & to the south is the Venitian plain – in short Basso Bikes is surrounding by the perfect testing ground for it’s hand-crafted machines.

Basso are known for creating bikes with a sublime ride quality & this carries through to the Venta – the brands ‘entry level’ model. Basso claim that the Venta has the same quality construction and long lasting performance as their top of the range bikes. The Venta offers incredible value & it’s no surprise why it’s the bike of choice for many new riders coming though the Eat Sleep Cycle doors.

Merche is new to cycling – we went for a spin around town to find out more about her Basso Venta & ask her about why she’s inspired to ride.

Why did you choose the Basso Venta?

Elegí Basso porqué tenía muy buenas referencias de esta marca italiana. A nivel estético el modelo Basso Venta me pareció espectacular!

I chose Basso because I heard very good things about this Italian brand. At an aesthetic level I think the Basso Venta is spectacular! 


Has the Venta changed how you ride? 

Esta es mi primera bicicleta. Antes había alquilado otras marcas y la verdad es que ninguna se puede comparar a la Basso. Es una bicicleta muy ligera y cómoda. Kilómetro a kilómetro disfruto cada vez más de pedalear sobre ella.

This is my first bike. Before I bought it I had rented other brands and the truth is that none can be compared to the Basso. It is a very light and comfortable bicycle. Every kilometer with her I enjoy more than the last.

Why do you cycle? 

Uno de mis goals del 2020 era iniciarme en algún deporte nuevo. Hice mi primera ruta en bici de carretera el pasado mayo y des de el primer día supe que no querría dejar de pedalear. Creo que en este deporte además de una buena forma física se necesita mucha fortaleza mental. Y eso me gusta! Encima de la bicicleta no solo hago ejercicio, trabajo la confianza y la autosuperación compitiendo conmigo misma. Cada ruta es una nueva oportunidad para mejorar dando lo mejor de ti, para descubrir que muchas veces no hay límites, que los límites te los pones tu.

One of my goals in 2020 was to start a new sport. I did my first road bike ride last May & from the first day I did not want to stop pedalling. I think that this sport, in addition to good physical shape you also need mental strength, and I like that! On the bike I not only exercise, I work on confidence and self-improvement competing with myself. Each route is a new opportunity to improve & give your best, to discover that many times there are no limits, that the limits are set by you.


What is your favourite route to enjoy on your Basso Venta?

Girona está lleno de lugares increíbles. Quedar-me con uno es difícil:
– La subida a Els Ángels, una ruta cerca de casa, fácil pero en la que has de ser constante. Con un santuario mágico y con una vistas increíbles.
– Perderse por los caminos que llevan a Canet d’Adri también me encanta. Rodearte de naturaleza al lado de casa no tiene precio!

Girona is full of incredible places. Choosing one route is difficult, but; the climb to Els Ángels is a perfect route close to home, it’s easy but you have to ride a consistent pace. At top is a magical sanctuary and incredible views. I also love getting lost on the roads that lead to Canet d’Adri. Surrounding yourself with nature next to home is priceless!

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