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European Cycling Vacations with Non-Cyclists

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European Cycling Vacations with non-cyclists - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

You may wonder how someone who doesn’t cycle can enjoy a European cycling vacation, but look closer and you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to combine a vacation for both cyclists and non-cyclists alike! With the right location and itinerary, bringing a non-cycling partner/friend/family member on your cycling vacation is a great way to get the best of both worlds out of your time away.

Cycling Vacations – Choose The Right Location

The right location is key for a non cyclist to join and enjoy a cycling vacation. Following a cyclist along an en epic-point-to-point cycling challenge isn’t going to be much fun for someone who doesn’t ride as it would usually mean spending the majority of their time in the back of a van. Rather, a cycling vacation based out of one or two main locations where there is plenty to do is the ideal way to combine cycling and non-cycling holidaymakers! Anywhere coastal, such as the Costa Brava, is an ideal location as there is likely to be plenty for those not spending the day in the saddle to see, whether they sit at the beach, shop, or head to a cafe or bar, plus, coastal roads make for beautiful cycling!

European Cycling Vacations - Choosing The Right Location - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Non-Cycling Activities

A cycling vacation can be as much about the off the bike activities as the riding. Organising other activities such as wine tasting tours, watersports or hiking is a great way to include everyone and make the most out of your holiday.

Give Them a Taste of Cycling

A cycling vacation is a great opportunity for non-cyclists who may be interested in starting out on the bike to test-ride a bike or even try an e-bike. They might arrive on holiday not being a cycling enthusiast but who knows, maybe a spin on an Orbea Comfort might change their mind?
Cycling Tour for Non Cyclists - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

Our Top Non-Cyclist Friendly Tours

European Cycling Vacations for Non-Cyclists - Top Tours from Eat Sleep CycleIf your partner can’t be tempted onto the saddle then these tours are your best bet to allow you to get some proper cycling in whilst keeping your travel companions happy.

  • Tour of the Costa Brava
    Our Tour of the Costa Brava combines, five-star delivery, gorgeous coastlines, gourmet experiences and accessible riding, the perfect combination for bringing along non-cyclists.
  • La Rioja & Pais Vasco
    This tour is as much about gastronomy and culture as it is cycling which makes it a perfect location for non-cyclists and cyclists to holiday in harmony!
  • Girona Classic Climbs
    Based solely out of Girona city where there are myriad activities for non-cyclists to get up to while cycling guests are out riding our Girona Classic Climbs tour is a great option for bringing non-cyclists along. They can check out the beautiful Barri Vell or Old Town, head to the Roman Spa, take a trip to the lakeside town of Banyoles and much more besides.
  • Gran Canaria Experience
    Discover the culture of Gran Canaria taking in both the South and the lesser-known North of the island whilst staying in some of the island’s best hotels. Non-cyclists can take advantage of the beautiful beaches and activities whilst cyclists can experience the stunning roads and classic climbs of the island.

European Cycling Vacations with Non-Cyclists

After reading the above are you feeling inspired to bring your non-cycling friends and family along on your next European cycling vacation? There are plenty of options available for those who don’t like to spend time in the saddle but do want to visit Europe so no excuse not to tick it off the bucket list! Contact us online or via [email protected] for more information on our non-cyclist friendly tours!

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