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So you’ve booked a cycling vacation in Girona but you don’t know the best way to get here? We’ve got you covered! Girona is well linked to lots of public transportation so there are plenty of ways to get here, either by plane, train or automobile… read below to discover the many ways to get to cycling’s home town!


By far the simplest way to get here is to fly into Girona. Flights into the tiny Girona Costa Brava airport, however, are usually from Europe only, plus during the winter months they are few and far between. If, however you do manage to get a flight to the local airport you are a mere 12.8km away from the city. There are no trains from Girona airport but buses are regular during the day and cost just €2.75 for a single.

Winter timetable:

Summer timetable:

The simplest way is to have a transfer arranged for you, you can do so via Eat Sleep Cycle for €35.

From Girona Bus/Train station to the old town is about 1.5km distance (15 min walk).


If you can’t get directly to Girona then don’t fear as Barcelona-El Prat will serve. Albeit slightly further away, it is still relatively easy to transfer from El-Prat to Girona. A Sagales coach will cost you €19, a taxi transfer (which Eat Sleep Cycle can arrange) will cost around €180. If you choose to take the train, the fast option takes a mere 40 minutes and costs €17 plus the metro fare from El Prat to Barcelona’s main station: Sants. If you decide to take the train be aware that this transfer may not be enjoyable with a bike bag and cases!

If you arrive at T1 go downstairs following the arrows for a bus (free) between T1 & T2, this bus will take you to T2, then follow signs for RENFE, where you can take the red metro train to Barcelona Sants – R2 line. This train ride takes about 20 minutes. Purchase a single way ticket using the machines on your left hand side as you walk in the station (Single from €4.50). 

Once you are in Barcelona Sants follow signs for the High speed train (AVE), platform 1-6. Try to purchase the tickets online in advance or using the machines there. It’s easy! Please note there is a 20-minute window before the train leaves, that is why we recommend to purchase your ticket in advance! (single from €16.50).

When you carry a bike box, the High speed train may not allow you on because they allow only one big suitcase (either your luggage or the bike box but NOT BOTH).

The alternative is the regional train that takes 1:40 minutes to reach Girona and there are no limitations to suitcases carried on. 

The easiest way is to take a taxi to Barcelona Sants (around €26), then High-Speed train to Girona.



While Madrid is over 680 km away there are potentially more flight options for international travelers. Why not integrate a trip to the Spanish capital while you’re there? There are direct trains from Madrid to Girona as well as a bus network.



For those from Europe for whom time is not of the essence, the option to take a train may be of interest. Most large city stations will service trains to the area, although beware that you may have to make changes along the way if you’re coming with a bike bag and luggage in tow. Check out the Renfe train website to plan your journey. 


Driving is also a good option for European-based visitors, northern Spain can be reached relatively easily and surprisingly quickly from most of Europe – just watch out for the tolls! There is plenty of parking around the city, take a look at this map to get an idea (n.b ‘gratuit’ means free).


Now you’ve sorted out how to get here it’s time to start planning! Read our Cyclist’s Guide to Girona to discover the best of what our home city has to offer!

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