Girona’s perfect season

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I’m in the perfect frame of mind to write this blog. I’ve just spent the day at the beach in a small place just outside of Begur called Taimaru. It’s a 50 minute drive from Girona. It was the most perfect day I have ever spent at the beach. The sun was warm but not too hot that it drains your energy away, the beach had atmosphere but was by no means overcrowded and the water still held the warmth from the Summer and beautiful transparency that it always seems to have. The Costa Brava is just one of the reasons why Girona is so special in the Autumn. I use Autumn casually here because today for most people would be an excellent summer’s day. The factor 30 was out in force!

Back in the old town, pros are regularly seen strolling the streets, sipping coffee in La Fabrica, or popping into our shop to say hi. It’s finally the off-season for them – the long awaited and well earned piss-up that commenced last night at the Girona Gala dinner.  If you like rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in cycling and cool cycling memorabilia (including if I remember correctly a signed jersey from the 1975 Tour de France winner) you should consider this event next year. It’s all in aid of the Qhubeka charity and organised by the Peloton Brief. The hard work and organisation really paid off on the night. This has become a landmark on the Girona calendar.

At the end of October we will see the start of Girona’s crazy 2 week festival kicked off by the Carrefoc (translated as fire festival). I will not even attempt to describe this. You have to come and see for yourself! There are fair ground rides some how (I can only presume its real magic) positions in the complicated array of huge trees in the local Devesa park. The kids legs regularly brush tree branches and this seems to add to the fun of the whole thing.

Because its now the off-season we can finally enjoy delights such as roasted chestnuts, cake made fresh at Martina’s kitchen, the best Xurros in Girona (and probably the world) right in front of our shop and cafe CON LECHE, yes with as much milk as possible. We can eat as much of these delights as we want until we start to feel really guilty and the winter training kicks in. Me, i’m just getting started with my food treats!

At Eat Sleep Cycle we run more regular club rides and smaller tours including Micro Adventures. They attract locals and are more of a cool escape from the city than working. The riding this time of year really is spectacular. As well as being the perfect temperature, the light and changing environment (including multi-coloured trees) makes for a feast for the eyes on every ride.

So here is to many happy Autumn miles in Girona!

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