Sram Rival eTap AXS Launch: Entry Level Goes Wireless

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Sram have announced their latest release, a market-leading wireless groupset, cementing their stance that electronic shifting is something they want to make accessible to all riders.

Sram Rival eTap AXS: First Reactions

We asked the Eat Sleep Cycle team for their first reactions.

Bernat from our Sales & Purchasing team says:

It’s a game-changer in the world of electronic groupsets. More people are going to be able to afford a full electronic, wireless groupset. It is nice, it’s a step forward in design for Rival after a long time – for example the crankset is much nicer. It’s super sleak & stealthy & has the looks of the more expensive options.

Sram-Rival-etap-AXS-Electronic-Wireless-Entry-Level-CranksetOur Mechanic Daan says:

I think it’s nice that they bought the same tech from the higher end groups to the lower end. Together with the new GX you can make an affordable mullet set up; pairing road shifters & a mtb derailler gives you a 1 x high-range groupset at a much more affordable price.

Partner Lee says:

I think that going 100% electronic is definitely the way to go. Just because you’re on a smaller budget you shouldn’t be denied an electronic groupset. Sram are going the right way there. Also it looks super cool, stealthy black. I also can’t wait to see what’s next for Force & Red.

What’s the Difference between Red, Force & Rival AXS?

With 3 electronic groupsets in the range, let’s take a look at what defines each one:

  1. The hood shape for the Rival eTap AXS shifter has changed from the SRAM RED and Force eTap AXS systems to a narrower grip. The Rival eTap AXS does not allow for auxiliary remote shift buttons, whereas SRAM RED has two each per shifter and Force eTap AXS has one each per shifter.
  2. Rival eTap AXS has an alloy brake lever.
  3. Rival eTap AXS 2x cranksets come in polished aluminum. Both SRAM RED and Force crank arms are carbon.
  4. Rival eTap AXS 1x has an integrated spider. You cannot swap from 2x to 1x as you can with the RED and Force eTap AXS cranksets.

How much does Rival eTap AXS Cost?

A groupset includes: Shift-brake system, rotors, crankset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette, derailleur (front and rear for 2x, rear only for 1x), batteries, charger.

2x with power meter: €1688*
2x no power meter: €1463*
1x with power meter: €1453*
1x no power meter:  €1228*

*VAT included with £ and € pricing.

The groupset is avaialble to order now in store.

Sram-Rival-etap-AXS-Electronic-Wireless-Entry-Level-GroupStill Not Convinced? Test Ride Sram with our Demo bike program

We are a Sram test centre & have a number of Demo bikes equipped with Sram groupsets – ask us about a test ride! Our rental fleet also contains Sram bikes – head over to our bike rental page to select your dream ride for your visit to Girona. Rest assured that bikes equipped with Rival eTap AXS are coming soon!

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