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Basso Astra 2020 Bike Preview

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Basso Astra 2020 Bike Preview - Eat Sleep Cycle

Last month we brought you a preview of the all-new Basso Venta when we added it to our Girona rental bike fleet. Now, it’s the turn of the all-new Astra, which has undergone a similar update and also been made a part of our Girona bike hire cavalry. The Astra comes in at a higher spec than the Venta and according to Basso: “The all-new 2020 Astra pushes the limits farther than any version before it and does so with a good dose of style.” Let’s find out more…

Basso Astra 2020 Bike - About Basso - Eat Sleep Cycle

About Basso Bikes

Founded in 1977 and based near Bassano del Grappa, Italy 50km northwest of Venice and less than 10km from the base of Monte Grappa, Basso have been making 100% Italian bikes for over 40 years. In their own words, the brand’s aim is to “put the product first, while always moving forward in terms of innovation, our technicians create with an extreme attention to detail, high precision and relentless perfectionism”, which sounds like a recipe for some pretty special bikes. Basso also work closely with another of our favourite brands, MAAP. The Australian brand, who design and make our beautiful Eat Sleep Cycle kit, worked with Basso to design a Diamante frame as well as running the MAAP/ Basso road team.

How Has the Basso Astra Been Improved?

Basso state that: “the latest version of the Astra model incorporates a great deal of technology that derives from its upper tier siblings and adopts a design that follows a tighter family feeling than ever before”. The new Astra benefits from aspects of the technology utilised within the pricier Diamante range. The frame is designed to be aero but not to such an exaggerated degree that it is rendered uncomfortable on long rides. The Astra has a larger head tube for increased solidity at the front, a near-horizontal top tube and chainstays that are designed for improved efficiency in power transfer.

Basso Astra 2020 Bike - Technical Info - Eat Sleep Cycle

Basso Astra Technical Info

The Astra’s frame is constructed from 100% 3k Torayca High Modulous Carbon Fiber from a blend of T700 and MR60 fibers.

  • Headset and fork 1-1/8” to 1.5” for more rigidity.
  • Monocoque frame without aluminium reinforcement parts
  • Integrated seatpost clamp
  • Disc brakes

Basso Astra Bike Rental Spec

Our Eat Sleep Cycle bike rental Basso Astras are set up with the following spec:

  • Microtech MR38 wheels
  • Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset
  • 11-32 cassette

Basso Astra Reviews

We will be road-testing the Astra and we will be sure to get feedback from our Eat Sleep Cycle Hub guests too. Check back here soon for a full review of how the new Basso Astra fares on the roads of Girona!

Basso Astra 2020 Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Basso Astra Bike Rental

To find out more about buying or renting the Basso Astra visit our bike hire web page, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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