Costa Brava Cycling: Why the Catalan Coastline is Perfect for a Cycling Vacation

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Costa Brava Cycling - The Perfect Coastline for a Cycling Vacation

Rolling, Mediterranean coastlines, stunning medieval towns and villages and the vineyards of the Empordà region – the Costa Brava is a fantastic place for a European cycling vacation, with plenty for non-cyclists to enjoy too! The best time to visit the Costa Brava is outside of the summer months when the region is quieter and the weather is slightly, but not too much, cooler. The combination of mountains to climb and rolling, coastal roads to cruise along makes for a truly stunning cycling vacation, and with the cycling hub of Girona in close proximity this region truly is a cyclist’s paradise!

In this post we’ll outline some of the best that Costa Brava has for cyclists, give some top picks for places to visit and perfect spots to rest up after a satisfying day in the saddle, read on!

Empordà Wine Region – Costa Brava Cycling With A View

The Empordà region is known for its vineyards where you can cycle out along the beautiful lanes to a winery such as Finca Bell Lloc where you can take a tour of the amazing architecture before being treated to wine-tasting and gastronomic experiences. From Calonge on the coast, the wine region unfolds north to the French border & there are a multitude of bodega’s to explore. Wine aficionados should check out to DO Empordà Wine Route & experience Catalan wine making in all its forms.

If you’ve had your fill of wine Empord’à still offers much to explore. The city of Figueres, an important urban and economic center of the Empordà, is the capital of Alt (high) Empordà whilst the town of Bisbal d’Empordà is the capital of the Baix (low) Empordà. The name Empordà comes from the Empúries (Emporiage in Latin), which means ‘the markets’. The town of Bisbal d’Empordà  has hosted a Friday market for centuries & is now the place to visit in Catalunya for ceramics, art & antiques.

Empordà has provided inspiration for numerous artists, the most famous being the Surrealist Salvador Dalí, with other local artists including Angel Planells, Joan Massanet & Evarist Vallès.

Towns of the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava Coastline is punctuated by a myriad of picture-postcard Medieval towns and villages with ancient histories and striking buildings. Cycle anywhere along the coastline and you’ll soon come across one of these enchanted municipalities, stopping to take in the beauty of each individual town could end up making for a long day out!

Costa Brava Cycling Vacation - Cadaques - Eat Sleep Cycle

Best Fishing Village: Cadaques

If you visit just one town on the Costa Brava then make it Cadaques, although those in the know do so outside of the summer months where it can fill to it’s white-walled capacity with tourists. The celebrated Catalan Impressionist Salvador Dali spent his summers there as a child before later keeping a studio nearby. With Picasso, Matisse and Magritte among other notable former frequenters, one look at the narrow, steep streets framed by white walls and the impossibly blue sea is enough to inspire anyone to whip out a canvas and start painting.

Best Cove: Llafranc

The rugged coastline surrounding Begur is home to nuermous delightful coves & villages. Llafranc is a pretty little village which offers a great start location for exploring the Camí Ronda, as well as picturesque hotels & fabulous restaurants.

Top Medieval Town: Monells

Monells is a perfectly preserved medieval villages nestled in the rolling countryside of Empordà. The village square is the perfect spot for a long lazy lunch & the photo opportunities are endless!

Where to Stay in Costa Brava

Many of the hotels in this region are cycling friendly due to the popularity and number of cyclists who frequent this region every year, here are a few of our hotels of choice:

Costa Brava Cycling - Where to Stay in Costa Brava

For that little bit extra:
Make your cycling vacation to the Costa Brava that little bit more special and stay in one of these stunning boutique hotels:

Costa Brava Cycling Routes

Empordà & Costa Brava offer incredible cycling routes for riders of all levels & inclinations. Whirl along rolling coast roads, climb to Sant Pere Pescador or San Grau. Trundle along flat lanes through the olive groves  & vineyards.

Costa Brava Cycling Routes - Eat Sleep Cycle

Costa Brava Cycling Tours

Our cycling tour of the Costa Brava incorporates the best that the Catalan Coastline has to offer, taking in all of the must-see places, staying in the best accommodation the region has to offer and sampling fresh seafood straight from the Mediterranean. To find out more about our Costa Brava cycling tour give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

  • Tour of the Costa Brava – ride point to point from Girona to Cadaques with the mediterranean on your right!
  • Luxury Tour of the Costa Brava – stay in the region’s best 5* hotels & combine relaxed cycling with fabulous gourmet expereicnes
  • Beyond Girona – ride from the Pyrenees to Empordà & the Costa Brava
  • Pirinexus Cycle Tour – ride from Girona, to the Pyrenees & complete the loop along the Costa Brava
  • Costa Brava Hike & Bike – coming soon, ask us for more information!

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