Style & Innovation: The Technology of CHPT3 Clothing

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Style and Innovation - The Technology of CHPT3 Clothing - Eat Sleep Cycle Girona

CHPT3 are a brand that we first started working with last November after their focus on local Girona cycling influence and innovative clothing caught our eye (something that ESC partner Brian has already written about and we’ve also explained why CHPT3 are a great fit for ESC). The Girona-based brand helmed by ex-pro David Millar are as much about style as they are innovative technology and to that end we hosted a tech talk with David at our Girona Hub where he explained the ins and outs of some of their key pieces. In this post we’ll give you the recap on some of the technology behind CHPT3 clothing and the style and innovation they are bring to the cycling world.

CHPT3 Cycling Gear - Innovative Technology - Eat Sleep Cycle

CHPT3 – Innovative Technology

The CHPT3 website states: “We founded CHPT3 to be a platform through which we and our partners can do creative, collaborative projects. Together, we seek out new technologies and new contexts in which to push ourselves to the edge of what is possible.”

CHPT3 kit is made in collaboration with Castelli, so you know that you are already getting good quality, but the brand take the innovation up another notch such as with added trickle-down from the pro-level kit used by the likes of Team Sky. For example, the Girona 1.27 Jersey uses the same fabric as the Castelli Maglia Rosa worn by Team Sky at last year’s Giro but with the features enhanced for an everyday use.

Likewise the Girona 1.17 shorts use a special version of the Castelli Kiss Air pad designed to perform both during short, intense efforts and long days in the saddle. The attention to detail goes as far as “multi-panel construction for great muscle support at every point of the pedal stroke, whilst lightweight mesh bibs and 90mm high silicon dot leg bands keep everything where it should be.” From the chamois to the stitching the quality and attention to detail makes for some of the best quality cycling clothing on the market.

CHPT3 Cycling Gear Collection

Road Testing CHPT3 Clothing

Of course, the measure of any good cycling kit is how it fares on the road, so we asked Girona local and CHPT3 ambassador Ramon Lozano to put the kit through its paces on some Girona cycling routes and to give us his thoughts on it. Here’s what he had to say!

Q. When did you first encounter CHPT3 and David Millar?
A. I came across the brand because I followed David Millar when he was racing, I liked his story and the fact that he lived in Girona where we could just cross paths on a ride which as a fan I loved. But it was on a photoshoot that I first came into contact with David. I had noticed this brand for its exclusivity and design which was unlike anything else, but I never had the chance to “touch” it until that day. This past summer, David contacted me directly for the photoshoot of the new collection again and to as if I was willing to collaborate with them from now on, that’s how it all started!

Q. What aspect of CHPT3 do you most like?
A. I particularly like CHPT3 because everything has a history, all the kits are made with a design based on some place or aspect of David’s career, each garment has its history that the fan can know, anyone who knows a little about the brand can spot it from a distance.

Road Testing CHPT3 Cyclng Gear - Ramon Lozano

Q. How does CHPT3 clothing differ from other brands?
A. Chpt3 is not like all, it’s more classic, not everything in cycling is aerodynamic and aesthetic “pro”, cycling is much more. We all like to feel elegant and special at times.

Q. What is your favourite piece of CHPT3 kit?
A. I don’t think I could choose just one item as a favourite but if the ‘Origin” collection is definitely my favourite. The JJ jacket is also a garment that every cyclist should own.

ESC x CHPT3 Collaborations – More Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for future ESC x CHPT3 collaborations and in the meantime you can shop the latest collection at the Girona Hub or via did the CHPT3 website! And, if you have some new CHPT3 kit that you’re looking to test on a cycling tour then give us a call +34 972 649 131 or contact us online and we’ll help you put the CHPT3 gear through its paces!

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