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2023 New Arrivals: Basso Bikes

Basso Bikes Banner Blog

In our 2023 New Arrivals blog series we’ll take a look at the new product launched by our brand partners. We cut through the marketing smoke & mirrors and tell you what we really think. We can do this because we are independent (we work with many brands) and we test ride all of the products we talk about in our rental and demo fleets.

There is so much we love about Basso bikes. For a start they are one of the few Italian brands that is still owned by the founder (Alcide) & run by his family (wife Lucia & son’s Alessandro & Leonardo). Secondly, they are one of the only Italian brands still manufacturing bikes in Italy. When we visit the Basso bikes office in Treviso, Italy, we also visit the factory.

But there is an even bigger reason why we love Basso. They come out with so much new product and bike innovation, it makes Specialized look like a bystander. We’re serious, for a small Italian brand to bring out four new models in 2023 while other brands simply slap on a new colour, that’s impressive, let’s take a look at them.


The all new 2023 Basso Astra All-Road Bike

Talk about moving with the times. When we first heard of the Astra becoming an all-road bike we nearly fell off our chair. It’s exactly what we need for our Girona and Málaga bike rental fleets. With clearance for a 35 mm tyre, this is enough to still enjoy the fast road sections but also dive off onto a track and explore the countryside. Tyre choice is obviously important here, we will go with the widest possible low tread tyre to ensure minimal rolling resistance on the road but maximum comfort off road.

The second feature of the 2023 All-Road Astra we love is the integration of all the cables. It now looks like a €10k bike for half the price. It’s got smooth lines and as always sexy colours to choose from. If you want one bike for all your riding this should be a serious contender in 2023.

Basso Astra Disc Road Bike

Can a racing bicycle be versatile and performing at the same time?

The new 2023 Basso Diamante Climbing Bike

The elephant in the room with the Basso Diamante always was its weight. It always had the looks and handled amazingly, but it was the slightly heavier weight with comparatively priced models which put people off the bike.

In its eighth evolution Basso engineers have shaved off 200 grams from the frame which may not sound like a lot but we know it’s possible to build a 6.8 kg bike with the frame. That’s light!

If you like a high performance but stable geometry the Basso Diamante is your bike. It gives so much confidence on the descents we literally select it for our high end rental fleet so less people fall off and damage the bike!


Diamante is devoted to the slopes, to the differences in height, to the most rugged climbs.

The Basso Palta Gravel Bike

Ok, so officially this bike came out in 2022 but we can’t help but include it. The Palta is so popular it became a brand in its own right. Now it is one of the gravel bikes of choice in and around Girona again achieving high performance and comfortable geometry.

The Basso Palta is born from aggressive, race geometry but the latest model has evolved to a much more versatile machine – now just a ready for bikepacking adventure as it is for race-day.


The proof that exploration is better with adrenaline and speed.

The Vega Gravel Electric Bike

The Volta is Basso´s high end carbon electric gravel bike but it comes at a price. So the Vega gravel is an introduction to the same technology at an affordable price point. With a massive 500 Wh battery this bike goes as far and hard as you need it to. And 17.8 kg isn´t all that bad considering it is an alloy frame and the size of the battery and motor.

Vega Gravel e-bike

A bicycle that makes gravel accessible to every cyclist.

Want to find out more about Basso

The best way to get to know the brand is to ride the bikes. You can’t test ride these stunning bikes at our cycling hubs in Girona or Málaga. Head over to our Bike Hire page to book your ride!

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