5 New Year’s Resolutions for a better year on your bike

We are one week into 2024, have you changed anything yet? Whether you believe in New Year's Resolutions or not, if it is a way to ride your bike more than we think it's worth a go! Here are some of our top ideas to have a great year on your bike in 2024.

  1. Book a cycling trip to look forward too!

Research shows that the enjoyment of a holiday starts as soon as you book. So get those good vibes going right away! Whether it’s in Spring, Summer, Autumn or even next Winter, get a cycling trip in the calendar as early as possible and have something to look forward to. 

Plus, having something to look forward to will motivate you with the other New Year resolutions, like getting fitter and eating healthier to ensure your arrive on your cycling holiday feeling fit, heathly and ready for the ride of a lifetime!

In 2024 we are excited to be taking Eat Sleep Cycle international, with our first sold-out trips in Patagonia rolling out in March. We continue to grow our offering in Europe with highlights including – our first two trips running in Portugal, a new gravel ride from Florence to Rome, a fabulous new route in Piemonte, and our first departure in Yorkshire, England, rolling in July. VAMOS!!

Keep an eye on our Tour Finder for all our new releases and your chance to book!

Exploring Patagonia in December
  1. Spend more time with friends

Bike rides are a perfect way to see your friends and also meet new friends. Do more social cafe rides in 2024. Join a local club or sign up to a local event, you won’t regret it!

At our cycling hubs in Girona and Málaga we organize regular events that you can get involved with on your cycling break.

Head over to our Girona Hub page & Málaga Hub page to see our planned rides & events for 2024!

  1. Get your partner (or best friend!) riding more

One way to ride more may be to persuade your nearest and dearest to ride more so you can enjoy outings together. Find out what the barriers to that are and break them down. If it’s road safety try off road, if it’s the cold weather try better clothing. Ride at their pace if you can and focus on enjoyment rather than crunching numbers. We think you’ll enjoy the result!

Go for a spin with your best friend, who knows, they might love it as much as you do!
  1. Get a structured training plan or cycling coach

Any type of cyclist with any objective can benefit from a cycling plan and cycling coach. It’s an extra motivation to ride when perhaps you would skip it and it will for sure have you fitter and smashing those climbs when the warmer months come.

In 2024 our first Training Camps are taking place in colaboration with Duchy coaching. Read Coach Will’s training advice for the off-season to get inspired and motivated for the months ahead.

If discomfort on the bike is holding you back from achieveing your goals take the time to work out the root of the problem, it could be that a simple bike fit, some sessions with a Physio or visit to a Chiropractor could leave you feeling stronger than ever! Read Dr Tom’s blog for more insights into how a Chiropractor can enhance your on the bike performance.

  1. Treat yourself to a new bike in the January sale to motivate you to get out

You might have noticed there are some amazing deals to be had on new bikes as the market suffers after the post-covid boom. It’s a great time for customers to support their local bike shop! There are some great sales at the moment as bike shops clear stock. It’s the perfect time to grab a bargain with your Christmas money and perhaps try a new discipline (MTB, gravel or road cycling). There’s nothing like that new bike feeling to inspire rides.

Basso Palta
New bike day? Nothing beats that new bike day feeling!

We hope these top tips have been useful for deciding which New Year’s Resolutions you would like to try to cycle more in 2024!

Written by Lee Comerford

I am co-founder of Eat Sleep Cycle. For 8 years we have created custom cycling experiences in Europe and beyond. We help our guests experience the very best cycling in Europe including Girona, the Pyrenees, Tuscany and the Dolomites, the French Alps, Andalucia and beyond. We specialize in customizing cycling experiences for groups, agencies and our corporate partners.

We believe in empowering and motivating the local community to cycle so we also run vibrant Cycling Hubs in Girona and Málaga. Our Hubs are a place you can find all your cycling needs from bike hire to cyclist friendly food and great coffee.

Through 10 years working as an engineer, operations manager and sales manager, the bike was always my escape – venturing to new places, meeting new people, seeing amazing things, suffering a bit. Now my focus is helping others to enjoy that same escape, whatever the level, age or nationality.

I believe that cycling brings people together and Eat Sleep Cycle was born through this desire. Our vision is to bring down barriers through exploring the world on 2 wheels.

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