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First Look: Our Eat Sleep Cycle 2020 Bike Rental Fleet

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Bike Rental Fleet 2020 - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

Our 2020 rental fleet is finalised, and it’s bigger and better than ever before giving you more bike hire options. We’ve collaborated with brands that we admire, who share our values and, crucially, make fantastic bikes that our guests will love! We’ve also updated our fleet to 100% disc brakes. From road to gravel, electric bikes and hybrid bikes, there’s a bike (and cycling tour) for every type of cyclist to enjoy.

New Rental Bikes for 2020

Let’s start with the new (and exciting!) arrivals for our 2020 rental fleet.

New Gravel Rental Bikes
Gravel is the new black in cycling right now and to reflect that we’ve upped our gravel game by adding TWO new gravel bikes to our 2020 fleet. Ideal for use on our Girona gravel cycling tour or embracing the Trans Alps Gravel tour!

Ridley Kanzo
First up is the Ridley Kanzo. Our 2019 fleet contained the Ridley X-Trail, the brand’s answer to an ‘all-road’ or gravel bike and we loved the versatility of this bike. Ridley have since replaced the X-Trail with the Kanzo Speed, a faster, racier, gravel-oriented bike and introduced the Kanzo Adventure; a bike designed for tougher gravel rides and with longer chainstays and a shorter reach for bigger tyres and more comfort on those long adventure rides.

Ridley Kanzo Spec:

  • Groupset: SRAM Force 1
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 DB

Ridley Kanzo Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Reilly Gradient Disc
The second new addition to our gravel collection is the Reilly Gradient, a titanium gravel bike hand made in the UK. Not just a pretty frame (although have you SEEN it), in the brand’s own words: “The Reilly Gradient is an unprecedented engineering achievement. Combining a Hydro-formed REILLY AXIS 3AL-2.5V titanium tube set with our hugely flexible geometry”. We can’t wait to get out there and test it on the Girona gravel!

Reilly Gradient Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano GRX
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Racing 900

Reilly Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

New Road Rental Bikes
Road bikes make up the majority of our rental fleet and as such, curating a high-quality yet wide-ranging collection of road bikes for our guests to ride is paramount, these two new additions are no exception and will be the perfect two wheeled companions for our upcoming 2020 cycling tours.

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Di2 Disc
For 2020 we will be augmenting our current collection of Basso bikes by adding the brand’s top-tier offering, the Diamante SV. The Diamante is the diamond in the Basso crown jewels, the top-end, aero, race offering from the Italian brand and the SV builds on previous Diamante incarnations with slight improvements and adjustments.

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Di2 Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano Ultegra
  • Wheels: Microtech 38

Basso Diamante SV Ultegra Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

Ridley Helium SLX Ultegra Disc
Both us and our guests love our Ridley rentals so we’re adding the top-end Ridley Helium SLX to our fleet for even more choice! In Ridley’s words, the Helium SLX is: “the highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. We’ve designed it to be as light as possible to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet it is stiff and durable…”

Ridley Helium SLX Ultegra Disc Spec:

  • Groupset: Shimano Ultegra
  • Wheels: Fulcrum Racing 5

Ridley Helium Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle

Returning Rental Bikes for 2020

Now that we’ve gone through the lineup of new rental bike arrivals for 2020 it’s time to look at the tried and tested that will be returning to the rental fleet lineup for 2020!

Road Rental Bikes
Basso Astra Ultegra Disc & Basso Venta
We love Basso! We introduced the Italian brand to our fleet only a few months ago and the bikes have since had a very exciting reception from everyone who has ridden them. You can read more about the Astra and Venta on this blog.

Factor O2 VAM Disc
One of the most exciting bikes of 2019, the Factor O2 VAM has been a mega hit amongst both our tour and Girona guests as well as staff and friends of Eat Sleep Cycle. To find out more make sure you check out our Factor o2 VAM review (and preview!) to see why we love it.

Ridley Fenix 105 and Ultegra Disc
The Fenix has been in our fleet since 2018 and has received rave reviews from guests in both the 105 and Ultegra versions. Crucially, these models both run disc brakes, which we will be exclusively using in our rental fleet going forward.

Electric and Hybrid Rental Bikes

We’ve spoken before about how electric bikes are a game changer for cycling vacations and what was true in 2019 is even more true for 2020.

Electric Bike Rental - Orbea Bike Rental - Eat Sleep Cycle - Spain

Orbea Gain M20
Sometimes we all need a little boost, and the Orbea Gain M20 provides just that. For those riders who want to enjoy the thrill of climbing a mountain without the worry of whether they can make the whole way the Gain is a perfect safety net.

Ridley Tempo Disc (hybrid and electric)
Available as standard and e-bike versions, the Ridley Tempo disc is a great bike to take along the Via Verde or on a family ride or to explore a town and its surrounding area. Our guests have been impressed with the versatility of the Ridley Tempo Disc.

City Bike Rental - Brompton Bike Hire Girona

City Bike Rental

If you’re looking for a leisurely cycle tour around a city then these are the bikes for you, spearheaded by the classic cycling brand, Brompton.

Bromptons are quite simply the best at what they do. A classic brand and a fabulous fold-up bike for getting around a city, we love Bromptons!

Bike Rental 2020 Girona - Eat Sleep Cycle

Book for 2020 Now

To find out more about our 2020 rental fleet and to book now visit our Girona bike hire portal, give us a call now on +34 972 754 301 or contact us online!

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